raised beds

how to (easily) build the perfect raised bed (photo guide)

raised beds are great for growing any kind of plant and for any gardener – easily accessible, always well drained, and most important of all: recommended by everybody, from Bill Mollison, through Sepp Holzer (in his Permaculture), and all the way to Toby Hemenway (in his excellent, must-read Gaia’s Garden). building them can be as hard, […]

raised bed, complete with leaves as mulch

first proper raised bed

we decided that although we’ll probably be late with this season’s sowing, we should still build vegetable beds, plant and sow them, and hope for at least some crops. our first attempt turned out to be a puny 3.5mX2m bed, so we created another one, right next to it, but a bit larger. this one […]